Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tumbuna Sing Sing, May 2011

May 19, that's the date of the 2011 Tumbuna Sing Sing, a cultural festival in Papua New Guinea's highlands.

Tumbuna means from the time of the ancestors. This event is a truly authentic Tumbuna Sing Sing, based on traditions handed down from generation to generation.

I will be there with a small group of travelers. We will have the opportunity to closely observe the sing sing dancers' preparation for the traditional cultural event. Faces will be painted. Pounds of necklaces will be wound around necks. Feathers will be carefully unwrapped from protective leaves and positioned in fantastic headdresses.

Drumming, dancing, chanting, laughing--the day's sights and sounds will excite us and exhaust our camera batteries. At the end of the day, our best memories may be of our interactions with tribal dancers, villagers and elders

The Tumbuna Sing Sing is just one day of our 14 day Papua New Guinea itinerary. We will visit the land of the Huli Wigmen in the Southern Highlands, the renowned Wahgi Valley in the Western Highlands, the riverside villages in the Sepik River lowlands. A rare experience is our two night stay in a comfortable rural guesthouse.

A few spaces are available on this trip. Details are here:

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