Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

New Year's Day 2008 has passed. The arrival of the Chinese Year of the Rat has passed.

Having missed those two significant days for new beginnings, I've settled on "Leap Day" as the day to renew my commitment to this blog.

Since the last entry, I've been to Papua New Guinea with thirteen other travelers. Our itinerary was PNG Travel's 2007 Mount Hagen Cultural Show Tour. I was the escort. It was a memorable trip on many levels and is sure to be an inspiration for future blog entries.

For now, I'm struggling to find a way to thematically link Leap Day with a blog entitled "Explore Papua New Guinea".

Here's to the seductive bounces of the displaying male Birds of Paradise.

Here's to the athletic jumps of the Sing Sing dancers.

And here's to the great leap taken by travelers to Papua New Guinea as they push off from a place of Cuisinart mixing and touch screen messaging to land in a place where sago is pounded for meals and garamuts are drummed for news.

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