Monday, February 19, 2007

Greg Stathakis: International Air

Greg Stathakis of PNG Travel posts about arranging air from USA to PNG:

People ask about how many clients I have escorted through PNG since 1978. Many hundreds of clients have bought our Highlands Festival trips and recently the only potentially frustrating part of the trip for travelers is arranging the international flights to and from PNG.

It's a long trip and there are travelers' options and preferences and brand allegiances to consider. Over the years, with the rise of online booking and the general decline in customer service, organizing the air to PNG has become a daunting task for some travelers.

After twenty-seven years, I've learned what kind of assistance is usually most helpful. Travelers' international air needs vary but here are some general approaches I take to easing the process:

Provide personalized advice for travelers, based on current direct booking and website specials.

Place conference calls with a chosen airline and traveler and, together, ask questions to help the traveler secure a good price and routing.

Recommend an airline ticket consolidator with proven experience in PNG arrangements.

Hold travelers' reservation on the highlands trips until their air travel is secured.

Advocate for travelers and respect their needs to use the airline which best serves them.

It should be noted that we do not sell or profit from international air tickets. We are without hidden loyalties. Our loyalty is to the travelers on our highland show trips.

Mary Jane, please post the preceding for me. Thanks, Greg

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