Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mount Hagen Highlands Show Tour -- August, 2007

A new year brings a new project. I have been asked to escort a group of travelers to Papua New Guinea and the itinerary is la creme de la creme of Papua New Guinea itineraries: The Mount Hagen Highlands Show Tour--August 9 to 21.

Yes, we're going to the Mount Hagen Sing Sing and the land of the Huli and the Sepik area and, and, and.... Yes, it's going to be a trip, a memorable trip.

This blog is intended to inform travelers about travel in Papua New Guinea with emphasis on The Highlands Show Tour. I will write it from the perspective of the escort, a different perspective than most travel blogs.

Thanks to Greg Stathakis for tapping me on the shoulder and suggesting the time is right for me to escort this group. Greg has been taking travelers to Papua New Guinea for twenty-seven years. He is escorting a group to Papua New Guinea in May and I am honoured to escort his August Mount Hagen Highlands Show Tour.

On with this blog. I'm new to this form of communication. I thank Susan, my friend and fellow adventurer, for nudging me along on another learning curve.

The itinerary for The Mount Hagen Highlands Show Tour, images and bilums full of comments and observations will follow.

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